Hello Kitty Bong

How would you like to purchase a glass hello kitty bong online? I know I know, you’ve searched for it everywhere and you can’t seem to find it but guess what?

I know exactly where to you can purchase it from. Check it out here

Just like you, I was looking for pink Hello Kitty Bong online and zero % luck. I even went to every local head shop in my home town.
They all told me, “they re out of stock”  I need to get it custom made or buy one online but THERE WAS NO SITE WHERE I COULD BUY IT FROM…
Well one day, on my birthday, my awesome boyfriend surprised me with this amazing Hello Kitty Bong.
OMG! She’s so gorgeous!
12.5" Hello Kitty Water Pipe

12.5″ Hello Kitty Water Pipe

So there you have it ladies and gentleman :)
The only site that sells the infamous hello kitty bong.
If you’re a guy, get it for your girlfriend…trust me when I say this..
Peace, love, and happiness my friends.

One thought on “Hello Kitty Bong

  1. whitney

    I was wondering if you still had the hello kitty bong cause id really love to buy it for my bestfriend in the world and shes like a big hello kitty fan please contact me asap willing to buy ASAP :)


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